Meet The ZCRG 2017!
From left to right, top to bottom:
Who U Gonna Call (coach), Rolynn Superfly, Audrey Headburn, Jean-Cloda van Damme, Yalla Peña, La Che’Guerita, Ana’ban’ana, Quing Killjoy, Ein’Horny, KnightMare, Missy LaStrange, The Blockfather,
Russian Roulette Babette, Frida Bandida, Antonia, Derroche Gamonal, Lola Mento, Flegel, Krystal Krush-her, Mona Mortelle, Beast of the East, Jane Thrilla, The Grim Squeaker (official), Saturday Bout Fever (official), Ela NoRegrets (official),
Sin Sister, Sick SignAss, Bloody Cherry, Möpfel, Salva Tore, Dot Morgue, Riot Rocket, Desastre Alastre, Michi Impossible
Not pictured, Shee’na Shy’na Town, Malice in Wonderland, manta attack, Sugar Brown Bomb, Ane Grom, Hell’ga Maria, Killifornia, MissBehaving (announcer), Kernel Panic, Fullerene, Anabel

Der erste Home Bout im 2017 findet am 18. März statt.

Ort: Fronwald Tennisanlage, Zürich

Zeit: 16:00 Tür, 17:00 Anpfiff